The Vettori family tradition began in 1935 Italy with Dario I Vettori (1903-1973) in Firenzuola, a small mountain town between Florence and Bologna. His sons Carlo and Paolo Vettori learned the craft and brought it to Florence where they both flourished. Paolo Vettori’s work inspired his three children, Dario, Sofia and Lapo, who today continue the legacy of their grandfather through this great craft. Each maker makes their own unique instrument from beginning to end, still using some of Dario I Vettori’s original tools and models.

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Each one of the Vettori Family masters has a unique hand and brings their own signature to each instrument. What ties them together is their family legacy and method of work. Many of their tools and models are as old as the family tradition; Dario I Vettori made a lot of his own and these have been passed down the family and are still in use today. The Vettori family instruments carry the richness of history with the promise of innovation, pushing the boundaries of not only the aesthetics but also of sound. Their instruments have been played around the world by some of the most famous musicians of our time.

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