Vettori Family makers of fine violins violas and cellos in Florence, Italy

Vettori Family: Amati Quartett

Paolo Vettori, his daughter Sofia and his two sons Dario II and Lapo built a “Quartet after Amati” as a tribute to the Tuscany violinmakers in the exhibition held in Cremona (September 29 – October 14 2007) dedicated to the father of the violin:  Andrea Amati.
Philip Kass wrote in The Strad, January 2008:
“ . . . Those fortunate enough to have attended the exhibition during its brief two-week run saw an unparalleled gathering of instruments and had an oppportunity to gain insights into Amati and his art that may never again he possible. Visitors were greeted by a hands-on experience in the form of 17 modern instruments that were either replicas of or created in the same style as those in the exhibition. These were the work of a number of modern italian craftsmen, young and old, the most celebrated of whom are probably the Vettori’s of Florence.  . . . “